The Cardinal Choir

The Cardinal Choir is composed of beginner choir students with little experience. The Cardinal Choir performs at one concert per semester. In December, they join together with the advanced choir and concert band for the winter holiday concert. They perform a second time in the spring concert, consisting of a pops repertoire. All students are encouraged and welcome to join; no experience needed!

The GoldSingers

Ocean View’s advanced choir, known as The GoldSingers, is composed of vocalists with a higher level of experience and performance practice. In addition to the winter and spring concerts that The Cardinal Choir also performs in, The GoldSingers are a part of concerts and ceremonies on and off campus such as Golden Hawks and school pep rallies.

The Seahawk Squadron

Between 2010 and 2012, the Seahawk Squadron set an unprecedented standard in California by becoming the only marching band to hold the title of Division 1 Champions for 3 consecutive years. The following year in 2013, the Squadron moved into Division 2. Each year, this group consisting of winds, drumline, and color guard has continued to uphold excellence by qualifying for championship despite placement in this larger and more challenging class.

Students can become a member of the Seahawk Squadron as early as their 7th grade year. As long as he/she is willing to dedicate their time and energy into the program, they are more than welcome to come.
 Field season starts officially in the middle of August with summer band camp. Before that, we have summer sectionals (see calendar). From the start of band camp, the Seahawk Squadron is in a constant race for championships up until the first day of Thanksgiving Break. Following that, the group will perform once more together for the Seal Beach Christmas Parade to officially conclude marching season.
The Seahawk Squadron competes in Divison 2 of the Southern California Judging Association (SCJA) circuit. 
The Seahawk Symphony

The Seahawk Symphony is a classic band composed of percussion, woodwind, and brass sections. Concert band at Ocean View is a combination of three classes: Instrumental I, Instrumental II, and Advanced Music Honors.The ensemble performs two major concerts: a winter holiday concert in December and a themed spring concert between April and May. The symphony has a very versatile repertoire: containing anything from Disney to the traditional carols and hymns

The Swingin’ Seahawks

Jazz is a musical revolution originating in New Orleans in the 1900s and 1910s. Since then, the swinging beat has developed a love nationwide in the United States and become a standard of American music. The ensemble at Ocean View is a big band jazz group, meaning it includes an instrumentation of saxophones, trombones, trumpets, and the classic rhythm section. Jazz gives students an opportunity to try something new, push their boundaries, and experiment with their musical talent in a very personal way.

The Ocean View High School drumline consists of two ensembles that play together: battery and melodics. The battery is made up of bass drums, snare drums, and tenor drums.The melodics play at the front of the ensemble with key instruments such as marimbas, xylophones, and vibraphones. In addition to playing with the Seahawk Squadron for the fall field show, drumline at Ocean View also has a competitive indoor winter season where they design a completely different show to compete against other local drumlines.
Color Guard & Winter Guard

Guard at Ocean View also consists of two performance seasons. They perform as color guard and part of the Seahawk Squadron in the fall field show and have their separate winter guard season indoors. Guard is a form of pageantry performance. They spin, toss, and catch anything from tall flags to construction levels. In the past year, guard has excelled extremely fast and moved up two divisions. They also took home first place trophies in the fall and winter.

The Ocean View High School Music Department accepts students as early as their 7th grade year to participate in Color Guard and Winter Guard.