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Regardless of students’ previous musical/performance experience, all Freshman band students need to enroll in Instrumental 1 and PE:March Band.

In the case of Instrumental 1, the class is a pre-requisite for Instrumental 2 and Adv Hnrs Music, which means that the UC, CSU, and other college admissions centers get confused if a student graduates high school having the latter classes on their transcript without the former.

Instrumental 12, and Adv Hnrs Music all take place during the same class period: 6th period Band.

Short Answer: All incoming band students are required to take both Instrumental 1 (concert band) and PE:March Band (marching band).0

Long Answer: To understand the answer to this question, it helps to understand the nature of high school Concert Band.  At Ocean View HS, our concert band is known as the Seahawk Symphony and it is made up of students enrolled in Instrumental 12, and Adv Hnrs Music.  The ensemble rehearses during the 6th period class time and has three distinct focuses throughout the school year: Fall, Winter, and Spring.

In the Fall, this ensemble rehearses the music for the marching band field show as well as stadium pep tunes.  In the Winter, it rehearses holiday music for the Winter concert.  In the Spring, it rehearses classical, contemporary, and popular music for the Spring concert, as well as traditional and ceremonial music for the Graduation performance.

Therefore, if a student were to enroll in concert band, but not marching band, then that student would have nothing to do in the Fall while the band was rehearsing the marching band music and field show.  For this reason, all incoming band students are required to take both Instrumental 1 (concert band) and PE:March Band (marching band).  If, after experiencing a full season of marching band, a student wishes to continue their high school music career by taking only concert band, exceptions may be made by the director on a case-by-case basis.

Truthfully, the majority of band students (even those who started out with strong reservations about marching band) end up LOVING marching band after experiencing a season with the Seahawk Squadron and are eager to sign up every year after.  For one parent’s rather funny perspective, read this short article: Why Your Teen Should Join Marching Band!

Absolutely! As long as you are enrolled in “PE:March Band” you receive one semester of PE credit per semester of marching band that you complete. The state PE requirement is four semesters, which means that your requirement is fulfilled, without ever having to take the general PE class, when you participate in marching band all four years.